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Miami Rent Is TOO High. 10 ways we can fix it right now!

SMASH | 10/11/2020

We need housing desperately. It is no secret that we are in a housing crisis here in the state of Florida.

Why we need a Citizen’s Climate Investment Fund.

Sierra Club | 10/05/2020

Enter the Citizen’s Climate Investment Fund, a cutting-edge model developed by residents and governments to fill the finance gap.

The Need for a Miami-Dade Transit Authority

Miami Grid | 3/20/2020

Transit has been stagnant in the county for 30+ years, despite many efforts including the half-penny tax. That is because the decision making tree is a mess.

Let’s Move Miami Forward!

Miami Grid | 2/21/2020

Miami does not work for Miamians. Almost two-thirds of county residents live cost-burdened due to housing…