Policy Platform

The platform is the heart of Miami Forward. It represents the first wide ranging policy platform written by a coalition of local, community-driven organizations in the county.

Create a strategy to transition county electricity and transportation to renewable energy by 2035.

Collect fees from the largest polluters and energy consumers to establish a small business green loan fund.

Establish a fund to invest in renewable energy and efficiency solutions.

Establish the Miami-Dade Transit Authority (MDTA), an independent public transit agency serving Miami-Dade County.

Implement a moratorium on changing the Urban Development Boundary (UDB)

No new highway construction. In lieu of this, road funding should focus on maintenance, efficiency, and modal diversity.

Eliminate parking requirements in the county Zoning Code, and expand it to include mixed-use development, and pedestrian-oriented design.

Commit at least $60 mil annually to preserve existing affordable housing and build new housing stock.

Deploy Public Land for Public Good.

Adjust the zoning code to increase housing density, especially in single family areas.

Promote new bonds for affordable housing.

Implement vacancy fees for high-end properties that sit for more than 6 months.

Develop a comprehensive plan for tackling homelessness with county agencies and community groups.

All agenda items for county commission meetings must be posted at least 5 days prior to the meeting.

Prohibit campaign contributions by vendors, lobbyists, and real estate developers.

All data collected by county departments must be available on a public website.